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About Us

Our Goals

Here at Art of Riding we have well defined goals. First of them and the most important is the performance of our horses as a result of trainer's hard work and dedication.

Besides a correct structure, our horses must be calm so that they can be controlled both by amateurs and professionals. We want a horse to be as useful as functional. We are promoting temperament, performance, movement and the beauty of these magnificent breeds.

Our horses share some high standard characteristics that we strive to maintain:

  • Athletic ability expressed through the ideal Andalusian movement: elevation with extension from the shoulder, rhythm, balance, harmony and cadence
  • Ideal proportions for good balance (height range: about 15-16 hands)
  • Selected bloodlines from well-known stocks that must be fertile, healthy and with a long rate of life

Our Team

Joey & Ruth Perez

Joey and Ruth Perez

She was born in Spain and began riding at the age of 4. Her family moved to Miami, FL where she was able to follow her dreams. At 15 she became assistant trainer, working with a few PRE horses at Miami Equestrian Center. While showing in her early training years, she won various Dressage Suitability, Show Hack, Hunt Seat, and Native Tack & Attire classes. By 19, she was working at a Guardiola-bloodline breeding farm of PRE horses, training mares, foals and stallions. She returned to Spain repeatedly to work closely with top Classical PRE trainers and developed an extensive knowledge of training PRE horses in Doma Vaquera, Doma Clasica and Alta Escuela.

Born in Cuba, also an early rider, Joey Perez started training different breeds when he was 18, but his passion was and remained Iberian horses. He became a trainer at a PRE breeding farm, where he improved in Classical Dressage with the help of master trainers. Although he was very successful in breed shows, he tries to improve as a trainer every year.

When Ruth and Joey met, he was head trainer at JD Equestrian Center PRE Horse Farms in Miami, FL. Although they ran a larger training stable in Miami, they chose to emphasize excellence in training each of their clients' horses by limiting the size of their next facility. They established their training facility, The Art of Riding, in Silver Springs, FL. Here they work side-by-side, practicing the time-honored training methods of Don Luis Ramos Paul in Classical Dressage.


Why us


At Art of Riding we train your horse with devotion. We assure you that your horse will receive the whole attention needed in order to meet your standards. We have over 35 years combined experience working with Iberian breeds. It shows in our consistent wins in regional and national competitions throughout the years at both breed shows and open dressage. We believe our dreams come true daily when we train such a magnificent breed together!

Our Bloodlines


The Art of Riding is dedicated to train the finest Iberian Horses for Doma Clasica, Doma Vaquera and Dressage.

The Andalusian horse or PRE (Pure Raze Espanola) is a breed from the Iberian Peninsula, where it is known for its docility and intelligence.

The Andalusian horse has an admirable structure; it is strongly built, compact and elegant with long, thick manes and tails, as it was meant to participate in Dressage Competitions.


The breed dates back to the 15th century and over the years it suffered very little changes. Horses can be found in many colors but the most common is grey.

The Andalusian breeds were used for classical dressage, driving, bullfighting or as stock horses. Today they are used for equestrian activities like: dressage, show jumping and driving or in historical and fantasy movies.

Andalusians, by their genetics, give us the possibility of producing great dressage capable horses.