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Doma Vaquera Training

Doma Vaquera is a horse riding technique from Spain. It was recognized as a competition at the beginning of 1970.

The Iberians train their horses to control herds of cattle.  The Andalusian breed is the most known for this type of training because it has excellent qualities like speed in reactions combined with accuracy and calm.

The Training for Competitions

The horse is trained to execute different movements from walk rhythmic to canter and gallop. The horse should be able to perform different exercises like: stop instantly but remain calm, balance on his hind legs, walk in small or large circles, perform a pirouette and make transitions from one element to another. Any steps that are forbidden in the competition will be penalized.

There are different classes in competitions for the beginners where the rider can use two hands and both sets of reins and for professionals where no reins are used and the horse is controlled with one hand.

To achieve the best results, not only the horse must be in a good shape but also the rider must be knowledgeable of vaquera training techniques.