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Height: 15.3h
Body Color: Grey
Breed: PRE
Specializes in: Celebrity safe - ridden


International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association PRE Mundial Listed with Pinto Horse Association of America


She is a young Andalusian mare named in 2012 "Horse of the Show" at Fiesta Florida. She also won the first place in that competition. Her great qualities are coming with bloodline; her sire is Endrino and her dam is Campanera XXII.

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About Estuca

We introduce our mare Estuca. She delights you every time and training with her is a pleasure. She knows different movements and she is docile and a great horse for equitation lessons but she also has a great future in various competitions.

Her wiling for work and her imposing attitude guarantee her success in front of judges. She is clever and she uses her complex personality and her physical qualities in order to win the trust of rider, jury and public.

It is in her nature the desire to assimilate new movements and exercises. This makes her to love the arena and the arena loves her. She sparkles in competitions and everyone loves her funny but adaptable temperament.


Show Record

Here is a short review of Estuca's awards in competitions.


Fiesta Florida 2012

  • Mares 7 & older - 1st
  • Championship Mares - Champion Mare
  • Awarded High Point Morphology Horse of the Show


Nationals 2011 Ft. Worth, Tx

  • Spanish Mares 5 & over - Reserve Champion
  • Andalusia Mares 5 & over - Top 5 (4 place)
  • ANCCE Class Mares 5 & over - 3rd Place


ERAHC in Sept. 2011 in Virgina

  • Andalusia Mares 5& over - 1st Place
  • Championship class - Gran Champion
  • Best Movement - 2nd Place

Breeding information

Estuca is in the process of breeding to Fuero, our Black EEaa imported stallion. In about 15 days we will have the confirmation that the mares took or not. Her foal will arrive in 2014. We hope in good news!

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