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Here we present you a training lesson with Druso II a PRE Cartujano stallion imported in 1999.

He has a magnificent temperament and an imposable attitude.

Print Media

Horses from Art of Riding have been used in some shooting sessions for media like calendars, photo expositions, magazines or shows and events. We were impressed by their behavior in other unknown places and we inform you that, they are still available to participate in various activities that are not necessary related to dressage. For further information please contact us.

Dreams can come true...


With over 35 years combined experience working with Iberian Breeds, we believe our dreams come true when we train such a magnificent breed together daily. Our results in regional and national competitions show our passion for these wonderful horses.

Art of Riding Stables - 2013 Spring Silver Awards
Art Of Riding Receives 2013 Best of Silver Springs Award


SILVER SPRINGS April 24, 2013 -- Art Of Riding has been selected for the 2013 Best of Silver Springs Award in the Stables category by the Silver Springs Award Program.




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Our Fans

Kendall SummerHawk and Druso

"...I am looking for an additional horse to join me and Druso in my barn and have already decided it must be a "Joey and Ruth trained" horse because I trust them so much and know any horse I get through them will be trained, safe and lovely to ride!"