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Kendall and her horse Druso 

Darlene Bocchichio, Student

"I have seen many horse trainers and instructors in the past 30 plus years. I must say, Ruth Perez is absolutely one of the best, if not the best in the business. She understood from the 1 st day what needed to be done. And she got the job done. She is truly an expert at her job. Ruth takes the job of horse training and teaching very seriously. She takes the time to know the horse and the rider. When it's " lesson time", its all business. And so much is accomplished. Afterwards, it's home work, and assignments , anticipating our next lesson. Then it's some laughs, a great friendship, and a true friend. I highly recommend Ruth to anyone that wants to ride for fun, or " Win in the Show Ring". She does know The Art Of Riding and horsemanship. Valiente and I are a team now. Thanks to Ruth :) :) :)""

Sandra Werner 

Sandra Werner

"I have purchased two PRE stallions through Joey and Ruth Perez.

The first Corredor II which has competed at the  IAHLA Nationals in Texas 2012 and 2013 where he won multiple championships in both halter and performance.

The second Xenophon I acquired just recently is expected to achieve many victories excelling in Dressage.

I have known the Perez's for over 10years and find them to be very honest and forthright in business and people who truly love the Iberian Horses. They are both very knowledgeable about this breed.

Sandra Werner 

Thank you both for my beautiful horses!"

Lisa Herman 

Lisa Herman

"Not only did I find my dream horse in Fuero but a dream couple in Joey and Ruth.

Through their skilled expertise, deep love and understanding of horses they nurtured Fuero's lovely Iberian bloodlines into an exceptional horse that fortunately was a perfect match for me.

They are a rare gem."

Joyce Teator and her horse 

D.C. and Kathy C.

"We are so appreciative for the time and expertise that both of you have put in to our horses. Thank you so much for handling them with the utmost care."

Joyce Teator and her horse 

Joyce Teator Owner of Titan

"I have taken lessons with Joey and Ruth for little over a year and the progress my horse and I have accomplished is amazing. They work with both the horse and rider. I bought Titan when he was 3 and he is now 14. I have had many lessons and gone to several clinics with only minimal success. He is a very agile, forward, opinionated and sensitive horse. Titan needed a trainer who understands the Iberian horses because of their temperaments. My vet has known Titan for about 6 years. When he came to give him his shots this spring he could not believe how great he looked and how his body had change from a year ago. He told me he looked the best he had ever seen him look and he looked great. He not only said it once but several times. Joey and Ruth, Thank you for your time and effort."

Kendall and her horse Druso 

Kendall SummerHawk Owner of Druso

"Purchasing my dream horse - Druso - through Joey and Ruth has changed my life! Joey and Ruth's classical training methods transformed Druso into a sensitive horse that is correct in his work and a joy to ride. He has an incredible work ethic and is teaching me now the art of high-school classical dressage.

The time and patience they took in helping me during the purchase process was exceptional and gave me confidence I was making the right choice with Druso. We now host clinics with Joey and Ruth, flying them out here to Arizona multiple times per year and they always fill quickly because everyone loves their approach to bringing out the brilliance in horse and rider, especially in the collected work of piaffe, passage and pirouettes and changes.

I am looking for an additional horse to join me and Druso in my barn and have already decided it must be a "Joey and Ruth trained" horse because I trust them so much and know any horse I get through them will be trained, safe and lovely to ride!"

Anderson and his horse Adonis 

Dore' Anderson, Owner of Adonis

"A slow, relaxed and consistent attitude with all their client's horses. Their farm is small, private, beautiful, stalls immaculate. When I called Joey and inquired if they had opening, I had to wait a month. They are selective, contract for no more than they can handle. This was what I was looking for, a trainer that would train and not delegate responsibility.

Adonis has begun to bloom under their toolage. He is given pasture time and training time each day. The results are beginning to show. Their feeding program was explained; how much protein is given to young horses, the hay is delivered fresh, and they eat all of it. Adonis feet are trimmed each month. An equine dentist visits each year. Teeth are floated.

Ruth double checks all paperwork for show entries and each horse under their care sparkles when enters the ring. There is a confidence and connection between Ruth or Joey and the horse in the ring. I believe this comes from the fact that they personally train and then show in the same manner, to eliminate variables and keep training consistent. They are wonderful loving couple who have chosen to make the Spanish Horse the mainstay of their life."

Tnadil and his owner Jennings 

Jennings C Lambeth, Owner of Tandil

"Joey and Ruth Perez have a long history of working with horses and clearly demonstrate that they understand why the horse does what it does, the cause and effect of different approaches to training, and the details necessary to produce a competitive dressage or doma clasica horse.

Furthermore, the Perez coming from a Hispanic background are very familiar with the PRE breed and have worked with them for many years. The PRE is a very special breed of horse and the attraction is the mind of the horse first, and then its beauty. One must understand how the mind works in order to obtain the most out of the horse-otherwise all is lost. The Perez know this and train accordingly.

Finally, working as a team, Joey and Ruth conduct all of their training and business affairs with the utmost of integrity. They came highly recommended to me on this point and I have found them to be trustworthy and a delight to work with. I fully endorse them and recommend them to any serious horse owner."

Lucy in competition 

Glen Aryn Farm, Owner of Lucy

"They focus on nutrition and health, fitness, and a progressive training regimen that builds up the horse physically and mentally. Horses are prepared to perform their best and they do..... The results speak for themselves. We're delighted customers!"

Companero stallion trained by Joey and Ruth Perez 

Sharon Rapp, Owner Companero JE

"...Joey and Ruth Perez do not take shortcuts in training! They are both totally dedicated to the careful and complete development of the horses entrusted to their training. If they cannot follow the proven, time-honored training methods they have learned from their own riding masters, they will not take the job. To them training a horse must be done in a manner that encourages the horse to develop his maximum potential and, hopefully, to enjoy his work! I feel Companero is very lucky to have had this chance to develop at The Art of Riding! And I believe you can trust the training of your horse to them too. You will not be sorry!"