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Our passion made us choose a different approach of the horses.

We try to communicate with the horse, with his mind and soul. We want to establish a close connection between rider and horse and maybe this is one of the reasons of our excellent results in various competitions.


Ruth Perez

Ruth Alvarez Perez was born in Spain. At the age of 4 she discovered her passion for riding. Together with her family she moved to the United States where she continued to follow her dream. At the age of 15 she became assistant trainer at the Miami Equestrian Center, Florida. Here she developed her passion for Andalusian horses.

As a junior she won various competitions: Dressage Suitability, Show Hack, Hunt Seat, and Native Tack and Attire. Devoted to the Iberian breed, the age of 19 founds her at a Guardiola-bloodline breeding farm of Andalusian horses. Here she developed her experience in training mares and foals and she began working with stallions.

She works closely with some of the top Andalusian trainers in Spain and she learns training the Andalusian breed in Doma Vaquera, Doma Clasica and Alta Escuela.

In 2010 she won IALHA's Professional Horsewoman of the year title.

She is also five time national champion specializing in classical training methods.

The experience recommends her as a professional trainer of the Iberian breed.


Joey Perez

2012 IALHA's Professional Horseman of the year

1997 Region 7 Championship Exhibition Performance Honor Award